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RACING RULES [Copy link]

Organizing Committee | 2019-04-15 10:21 112 0

The competition will be conducted in accordance with the International ITU Rules and CHALLENGE CHINA Organizing Committee.

1.Race Distance and Category

CHALLENGE ANHUI(226):Swim 3.8km Bike 180km  Run 42.2km
CHALLENGE ANHUI(113):Swim 1.9km Bike 90km  Run 21.1km

2.About Registration

(1)CHALLENGE ANHUI is a commercial competition. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to verify the qualifications of competitors and the right to final interpretation.

(2) First time participants: Athletes have to prepare a medical check-up report not older than one year for athlete check-in. The medical check-up must include general body check up, blood pressure and electrocardiogram. A recent marathon finisher certification (within one year before race day) can be used as a substitute. The race committee have the right to cancel your participation due to your health condition or potential risk. Then you can get the race bag without the timing chip or race bib.

(3)Once the registration is confirmed, it will not be transferable to others or transferred to other years; Any cancellation requests received before 24:00 on June 30, 2019(including) will be eligible for a 50% refund of entry fee paid; Any requests received after24:00 on June31 will NOT be eligible for a refund under any circumstances; All the refund will be proceed in one month after the race ends

(4)When applying for transfer to 226, the registration fee shall be compensated by the competitor according to the normal registration fee; when applying for transfer to 113, the difference of the registration fee shall not be refunded; after applying for transfer, the registration fee shall not be refunded for any reason.

(5) Relay team members will be replaced at a handling fee of RMB 400 yuan each time; team members will not be changed after September 1, 2019 (including).

 (6) For First-timer age below 18,Athletes should send an application to info@challenge-china.cn before the registration

3. Rules and Regulations

(1)  Please use your real name to register for the race.

(2) Know, understand, and follow all Competition Rules, as stated herein, in the Event-specific Athlete Information Guide, and at the Event-specific athlete briefings.

(3) Obey laws and local ordinances and avoid any type of demonstration of political, religious, or racial propaganda. Failure to obey laws or local ordinances and/or failure to refrain from demonstration will result in disqualification.

(4) The medical staff of the Organizing Committee have the maximum and final discretion to determine whether the competitors are suitable for continuing to participate, such as whether they should withdraw from the competition or not.

(5) No prohibited substance shall be used by any competitor for the purpose of improving personal performance, eliminating fatigue or for any purpose; the Organizing Committee of the Competition will carry out drug testing.

(6) All athletes should show good behavior and treat other players, organizing committee staff, volunteers and participants with courtesy and respect. Those who violate this rule at any time before, during and after the competition may be convicted of disqualified according to the seriousness of the situation.

(7) When a competitor withdraws from the competition, he or she shall immediately inform the referee that any competitor who fails to comply with this provision so that the Organizing Committee of the Competition dispatches personnel to search and rescue him or her accommodation or other safe places will bear the full cost of the search and rescue related work.

(8) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change rules, regulations, routes and venues before the competition.

(9) At any time, the competitors shall comply with the instructions of the Organizing Committee and the police officers, and pay attention to the road conditions and vehicle conditions; any competitor who does not comply with the instructions of the Organizing Committee or the police officers will be convicted of fouls and may not continue to participate; the Director of the Organizing Committee, the Competition Director and the Referee have the right to determine the Fouls of the competitors.

(10) It is the responsibility of the competitors to understand therules of the International TriathlonCompetition.

(11) Players should give priority to safety and physical condition during the competition. The Organizing Committee of the Competition has the right to disqualify the competitors if the competitors are not suitable for the competition.

(12) When the weather or environment on the day of the competition is bad and is harmful to safety, the Organizing Committee of the competition may make changes or suspend the competition before or during the competition.

(13) Those who abstain or are convicted of disqualification shall not continue to compete in the second event, although their physical fitness has recovered or the environment has improved.

(14) Competitors may receive food and medical resources at a supply station established by the Organizing Committee of the Competition, and may not touch bicycles and equipment of others.

4.Rules of Competition

(1) Competitors shall complete individual competitions within the prescribed time limit and terminate their competitions if they exceed the time limit.

(2) The swimming cap, bibnumber and body mark provided by the Organizing Committee of the Competition shall be worn by the competitors in accordance with the regulations and shall not be altered without authorization.

(3) Competition time of the contestants includes all kinds of transfer time.

(4) At any time, the competitors shall comply with the instructions of the Organizing Committee and the police officers, and pay attention to the road conditions and bike conditions; any competitor who does not comply with the instructions of the Organizing Committee or the police officers will be judged to be unqualified and shall not continue to participate; the Director of the Organizing Committee, the Competition Director and the Referee shall have the right to determine the fouls committed by the competitors.

(5) At all times, please obey with the traffic rules, and the competitors regard all the tracks as still open to the general public and vehicles,so please follow the traffic rules at all times and move right.

(6) No headphones are allowed for swimming or bike races; mp3 are allowed to use in the running section, and the players should reduce the volume to enough to hear the surrounding sound; if the players fail to hear the referee's instructions due to the excessive volume of the equipment, the Organizing Committee of the race has the right to confiscate their personal music players for safety reasons.

(7) Competitors must wear tri-suitand must not expose their upper body.

(8) Every competitor should be familiar with all the tracks and be obliged to follow the correct route.

(9) Complaint procedure: if a contestant needs to lodge a complaint, he or she may lodge a complaint in writing with the Chief Judge of the Organizing Committee of the Competition within two hours after the completion of the competition or within two hours after the disqualification, and end with the decision of the Chief Judge of the Organizing Committee of the Competition; when lodging an appeal, he or she shall pay a deposit of RMB 800 yuan, and if the appeal is confirmed, the deposit shall be returned in full; if the application is confirmed, the deposit shall be returned. If the appealfails, the cost may be confiscated for the expenses of the Organizing Committee.

(10) In the event of force majeure, the Organizing Committee of the Competition has the right to change the event based on the safety considerations of the competitors, and the losses caused by the change will not be prosecuted by law. If the event is still affected by force majeure after the change of the event, the Organizing Committee of the Competition has the right to cancel the event without refunding the registration fee.

(11) The bonus will be paid after the results of the drug test are confirmed; the bonus will only be paid to the professional individual male and female players in 226 groups (excluding 113 groups); the ranking and bonus will be sorted and distributed according to the time of completion of the competition for all the players regardless of age; and the prize winners need to propose the qualifications of the professional players who can receive the bonus when they win the prize.

(12) The bonus will be deducted according to the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and the bank charges will be borne by the winners themselves.

(13) The age group is divided into five years. If the number of participants in one age group is too small, the organizing committee has the right to combine the two age groups.

(14) Competitors shall ensure that the Organizing Committee provides the number plate of the competitor, which can be clearly identified at any time in the competition.

(15) All competitors shall complete the registration formalities within the specified time and be obliged to participate in the pre-competition technical seminar; all individual or relay team competitors shall deposit their bicycles in the transfer area within the specified time.

(16)Unfinished issues shall be based on the ruling of the Arbitration Committee of the Organizing Committee.

·Swim  Rules

1Swimming safety buoy is mandatory for all first-timers, otherwise you will not be able to enter the swim start. 

(2)Wetsuits will be worn in water temperature down to and including 24 degrees C; A wetsuit may cover any part of the body except the face, hands, or feet; A race kit may be worn underneath the wetsuit; The thickness of the wetsuit may not exceed 5mm. If the wetsuit consists of two or more pieces then the combined thickness of the overlapping pieces may not exceed 5 mm; Wetsuits are mandatory for professional athletes and age-group athletes for water temperatures below 16 degrees C.

(3) When launching into the water, the number of people is large and the interval is small. The competitors must pay special attention to the safe distance between themselves and other competitors in order to avoid causing injury.

(4) Competitors shall enter the designated position in accordance with their number of the Organizing Committee, and shall not be erased until the completion.

(5) Emergency and short-term rest may catch buoys and ropes, but may not use them to continue swimming.

(6) If the swimmer walks along the coast during the swimming, he or she will be sentenced once (240 seconds).

(7) When a competitor finds that he or she is unwell or in need of assistance during the competition, the call signal is unified as "stop swimming immediately and wave his or her swimming cap on his or her head with one hand" in order to help the lifeguards of the Organizing Committee of the Competition to assist (those who board the boat are deemed to abstain).

·Bicycle Rules

(1) Competitors without helmets  are not allowed to participate in the competition..

(2) The bicycle should ensure normal front and rear brakes. Those who fail to pass the inspection are not allowed to enter the race.

(3) When a bike breaks down during a competition, it shall repair it by itself, and no other person shall be asked to assist or borrow tools and parts.

(4) In bicycle racing, bare trunk riding and beverage bottles are not allowed to be used as bicycle kettles, so as to avoid dropping off in the middle of the race. If the users are not immediately abandoned after being dissuaded by the referee, their qualifications for the race will be cancelled and their results will not be counted.

(5) When competing, it is strictly forbidden for competitors to ride in parallel or in groups. They should keep a safe distance of more than 7 meters at any time.

(6) It is easy to cause danger at supply stations, turning corners, narrow places, forks and turning points. In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to slow down by oneself.

(7) The bikes shall not be replaced during the race.

(8) At the end of the race, the rider himself (including the relay team) shall place the bicycle in his position and complete the handover for the next race.

(9) 226 groups of individual athletes (excluding relays) open their relatives and friends'group to supply their own supplies 100 meters after the designated bicycle supply station by the Organizing Committee, but it is strictly prohibited to receive supplies from relatives and friends outside the supply station section. If supplies are made at non-prescribed places, the competitors will be disqualified.

(10) Do not follow the bike; the trailing area is a rectangular area 7 meters long between the front edge of the front bike and the front edge of the rear bike, and 1.5 meters wide around the front bike; the competitor can cross the area within 20 seconds; once the competitor is overtaken, the competitor should withdraw from the trailing area within 15 seconds.

(11) Players shall not alter numbered identifiers such as numbered cloth and number stickers provided by the Organizing Committee. Competitors shall wear them in accordance with the regulations.

(12) The helmet should be fixed with a cap belt before the bicycle leaves the frame, and the rider should also fasten the cap belt after getting off the bicycle and before hanging the bicycle onto the frame.

(13) Special needs bags will be placed 90 kilometers away from the track.

(14) Players should follow the instructions of the judges of the Organizing Committee of the Competition; if necessary, they can run or walk in the bike track.

(15) Players should ride on the right (slow lane) as far as possible during the competition, and pay attention to traffic conditions. If overtaking occurs, they should overtake from the left side, and comply with traffic regulations, the judges of the Organizing Committee and the instructions of the police.

(16) Only Tri bikes and road bikes are allowed in the race. Mountain bike, Folding bikes and fixed gear bikes are NOT ALLOWED. There must be two working brake on both of the two wheels. There must be a free-wheeling mechanism between the crank and the rear wheel that allows the bicycle to roll forward while the pedals remain stationary. Non-traditional or unusual bikes or equipment are illegal unless, prior to the start of the Race, approval has been granted from the Event-specific Head Referee.

(17) The penalty for following a bike, riding dangerously or violating the spirit of a sportsman shall be executed in the time account before entering the transfer zone; the first 5 minutes penalty, the second violation will be fined 10 minutes, the third time will be punished, cancel the qualification.

(18) The bicycle track will be closed at 16:50 p.m. for individual and relay competitors. The Organizing Committee has the right to disqualify all those who fail to complete the bicycle stage when the track is closed.

(19) The Organizing Committee of the Competition has the right to change the location, distance or cancel the bicycle section according to the weather and track conditions.

·Running Rules

(1) Athletes can complete the running stage by running and walking without external force.

(2) Every athlete is obliged to read the handbook before the race, understand the running route, and compete according to the prescribed running route to reach the end of the race and complete the race. If the athletes run the wrong route in the course of the competition, they should bear the loss of time, return to the correct route, reach the end of the race according to the prescribed route, and complete the race.

(3) Athletes'running performance is based on the performance of timer chips. Athletes are obliged to protect the timer chips from human damage. If the failure of the chips results in the loss of performance, the referee will decide the final result of the race.

(4) Athletes are obliged to obey the command of traffic police and staff in the competition.

(5) Athletes are prohibited from baring their body during running. Athletes must wear sportswear (cycling suits, sportswear) and sportswear or three-piece iron suits.

(6) Athletes must wear the number cloth provided by the organizing committee throughout the running track, and the number cloth should be placed in front of the body and be visible throughout the race; in the race, the number cloth used to identify the athletes, to block or deliberately alter the number cloth, or to wear it incorrectly will be warned, and the most serious will be disqualified.

(7) Athletes are prohibited from discarding garbage on the track. If there is any garbage to be discarded, it can be stored in the garbage discarding area specially set up by the supply station for discarding, or discarded into the public garbage bin along the track.

(8) If the track medical officer decides that it is not suitable to continue the race, the athlete should follow the advice of the medical officer and obey the arrangement.

(9) When an athlete abandons a competition due to various reasons, he or she has the obligation to contact the staff or the referee.

·T1/T2 Rules

(1) Athletes must wear helmet during the whole process of bicycle contact. That is, from the beginning of the bicycle race, the cyclist takes off the bicycle from the frame until the end of the bicycle race, the cyclist puts the bicycle back on the frame.

(2) In the transfer area, the rider should park his bicycle on the designated bicycle rack and put all the items in the corresponding bags (please attach the number sticker on the change bag), and then place them on the right side of the bicycle (part of the event change bagsare stored independently, please hang the transfer area bags in the designated location),so as to avoid being taken by other riders by mistake.

(3) Bicycles are only allowed to be carried out in the transfer area. Only when the rider reaches the boarding line can start to ride the bicycle; the rider who completes the cycling section must get off before the boarding line and push the bicycle into the transfer area.

(4) Competitors can enter and exit the exchange area only within the time officially announced by the authorities, depending on the number cloth, Body Mark and identity bracelet.

(5) Athletes should not prevent other athletes from competing in the transfer area.

(6) Athletes should not use other athletes'equipment in the transfer area.

(7) Athletes are not allowed to stay in the transfer area.

The organizing committee may still adjust the content of the rules due to any factors before the event.

(1) Incomplete matters and supplementary notices will be published on the official website in time. Please login for enquiries.

(2) Competitors must be aware of and familiar with the rules published in the handbook before the competition.

(3) The right of final interpretation of this event is vested in the Organizing Committee of Challenge China International Triathlon.

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